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<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">new SearchChMap({center:"1700 Fribourg/Rue de Lausanne 39",routemode:"map"});</script>
<div id="mapcontainer" style="width:560px;height:420px;border:1px solid #888">
    <a target="_top" href="//,Rue-de-Lausanne-39.en.html">
      <img src="//;layer=sym,fg,copy,circle,ruler&amp;w=560&amp;h=420&amp;x=m&amp;y=m&amp;zd=2&amp;poi=bergbahn,haltestelle,parking,viasuisse,zug" style="border:0" id="mapimg" alt="Map: Fribourg, Rue de Lausanne 39" />


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<iframe style="width:560px;height:420px;border:0" src="//,Rue-de-Lausanne-39.en.html?embed=iframe"></iframe>

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