Map of Switzerland with route planner

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Map of Switzerland with route planner

Carpentry, Wood construction, Interior improvements

Hofstetter Holzbau

Weberhaus 8A, 8903 Birmensdorf ZH

Closed since 12:00, open again 13:00 - 17:00

Shown symbolsShown symbols
1 P+Rail P+Rail
2 Parking lot
3 Railway Birmensdorf ZH
4 Bus Birmensdorf ZH, Bahnhof Süd
5 Bus Birmensdorf ZH, Bahnhof
6 Parking lot Truppenparkplatz
7 Parking lot Parkplatz Schwimmbad Geeren
8 Bus Birmensdorf ZH, Zentrum
9 Hofstetter Holzbau
10 Bus Birmensdorf ZH, Aescherstrasse
11 Bus Birmensdorf ZH, Altenberg